Spanish Schools in Mexico

Spanish Schools in Mexico At Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools located in highland Cuernavaca, we utilize the most innovative and effective techniques for teaching the Spanish language to foreigners. We are a year round Spanish schools. You select the date you´d like to begin, the number of weeks of class, plus if you´d like to be privately tutored or learn in … Read More

About Cuernavaca

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  What to do when You visit Cuernavaca Should you drive Downtown, leave your vehicle and walk across the colonial centre, or take among the guided tours that are official. Essential attractions range from the Cathedral, Catedral de la Asuncion de Maria, among the earliest churches in Mexico; began in 1529 and completed in 1552. Here is the sole Zocalo … Read More

How are Mexican People?

How are Mexican People? The fact that Mexicans are folks that are Collectivistic means they are dedicated with their relationships, particularly with family, and their group members. It is possible to observe this on daily basis and even in business related conversations. Mexicans like to get to know you better before doing business with you. They love socialization and dialogue. … Read More

Chacmool is your best choice when choosing a Spanish school in Mexico

Chacmool is your best choice when choosing a Spanish school in Mexico We’re located in the “City of Eternal Spring,” Cuernavaca. All our classes are held in little groups (5 students) and homestays with Mexican families in a community-minded environment. We offer a location for cultural exchange having a concentration on social justice problems and mutual understanding in Mexico. Why … Read More

People who do not speak Spanish may be left behind

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If you don´t speak Spanish, you might need to get prepared to be left behind. Together with the upsurge in the last decade in the Hispanic people in America, speaking Spanish has become more of a necessity than a choice in several areas of the United States. Spanish is the second language of the United States.” But Spanish seems to … Read More

Spanish School in Cuernavaca, Mexico

Spanish School in Cuernavaca, Mexico Do You Want to Learn Spanish? There is no better Place than Cuernavaca México. And there is no better School than Chacmool. Cuernavaca is well known for it´s “Neutral Spanish”, Many Movie Dubbing studios are located in Cuernavaca. Cuernavaca has one of the best climates in the world which gave it the name of “The City … Read More

Some Facts about Cuernavaca

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Some Facts about Cuernavaca Capital of the state of Morelos, Cuernavaca continues to be known as the City of Eternal Spring, for hundreds of years now.  The name Cuernavaca comes in the nahuatl word “Cuauhnahuac” which means “near the trees.” Having an elevation of 1542 meters (5059 feet), Cuernavaca’s climate is moderate with warm, bright days and cool nights. In Cuernavaca … Read More

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca at Instituto Chac-Mool

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca at Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Language Schools in Mexico – Learn Spanish at Chac-Mool Contact Us Call Us: (777) 317 2555    1 (480) 338 5147 Spanish School in Mexico and Costa Rica, Cuernavaca Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca Learn Spanish in Costa Rica Follow Us Facebook Youtube Instituto Chac-Mool Privada de la Pradera 108, La Pradera, … Read More

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Learn Spanish at our Spanish School Chac-Mool   Learn Spanish OnLine. Study spanish online with us   WE HAVE:   Excellent teachers Best methodologies Flexible schedules We find the way you learn We teach all levels of Spanish We have been teaching since 1997 All our classes are one on one No grammar! (just if you ask for) Study at … Read More