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Spanish School in Mexico

Chacmool is your best choice when choosing a Spanish school in Mexico

We’re located in the “City of Eternal Spring,” Cuernavaca. All our classes are held in little groups (5 students) and homestays with Mexican families in a community-minded environment. We offer a location for cultural exchange having a concentration on social justice problems and mutual understanding in Mexico.

Why Study Spanish in Cuernavaca

Given the array of recreational sites, Cuernavaca´s closeness to Mexico City, and its ideal climate, as well as it´s abundant cultural and historical tradition, Cuernavaca has become the main centre of language training in Latin America.

Learn Neutral Spanish in Cuernavaca

Because all vowels and consonants are definitely said, the Spanish spoken in Cuernavaca Mexico is readily comprehended. It’s “Neutral” Spanish, which can be used more often by Latino radio and television announcers as it’s clear, exact, and readily understood by many Spanish-speakers. You are going to be learning “Neutral” Spanish, useful throughout the Latino world.
Cuernavaca has existed since Neolithic times when it had been named “Cuauhnahuac” by the Tlahuican native groups that inhabited the region. Our city has a lot of history and was involved in the Spanish conquest and also during the Mexican revolution.

Cuernavaca has an outstanding Weather

Due to the weather that is fantastic, well-known international personalities throughout contemporary and early history have selected Cuernavaca as their residence. The town is incredibly wonderful and culture rich. Cuernavaca as a resort town continues to be thought of as an ideal spot to relish tranquillity with no rush of a leading city.
At Chac-mool our students take trips to fascinating nearby towns, museums, archeological sites and ethnic areas, headed by our staff and teachers. Find out more about our field study activities, tours and specific plans.
Practice your Spanish in real life scenarios by remaining using a Mexican host family. Find out more about other as well as homestay home alternatives.

Contact Chac-mool for more information about our Spanish Programs and activities.

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca - Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools;

Learn Spanish in Cuernavaca – Instituto Chac-Mool Spanish Schools;


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