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What to do when You visit Cuernavaca

Should you drive Downtown, leave your vehicle and walk across the colonial centre, or take among the guided tours that are official.
Essential attractions range from the Cathedral, Catedral de la Asuncion de Maria, among the earliest churches in Mexico; began in 1529 and completed in 1552. Here is the sole Zocalo in Mexico that doesn’t feature a Cathedral.

Visit the Museo Casa Robert Brady, which can in fact turned from being an exclusive house, it become a brilliant art gallery should you want artwork. Here, you will locate a permanent collection on display including works by Frida Kahlo by Rufino Tamayo as well as a self portrait. The house belonged to Robert Brady, an American who resided in Cuernavaca from 1962.

After years of decay, the Gardens at Jardin Borda Cuernavaca, were fully restored in 1987. Gardens and the house were initially commissioned by a rich silver magnate in the 1700’s and this area was host throughout the French reign in Mexico to Maximilian and Carlotta.
Art fans might likewise have a tour to the workshop (taller) at the Taller de Alfaro Siqueiros, an extremely well-known Mexican Muralist, which can also be located in Cuernavaca’s colonial centre.

There are just two main attractions to bring a few miles beyond the colonial centre in the City. The foremost is the Salto de San Anton, which will be a tiny hamlet sponsoring a spectacular waterfall. It’s possible for you to walk behind picnic and it there. The next is Casa Maximiliano (Maximilian’s House), that was constructed in 1866 and additionally hosts the “Museo de la Medicina Tradicional” (The Traditional Medicine Museum) as well as an Herb Garden.
There is no better way to understand and speak Spanish than by becoming immersed in the culture and the language, that´s why you should visit our Spanish school in Mexico. Cuernavaca is well known as a language and cultural center and there are variety of language schools that are excellent here.
Cuernavaca is host to some the finest health spas in Mexico.

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