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Some Facts about Cuernavaca

Capital of the state of Morelos, Cuernavaca continues to be known as the City of Eternal Spring, for hundreds of years now.  The name Cuernavaca comes in the nahuatl word “Cuauhnahuac” which means “near the trees.”

Having an elevation of 1542 meters (5059 feet), Cuernavaca’s climate is moderate with warm, bright days and cool nights. In Cuernavaca “The City of Eternal Spring”, most the houses are in general concealed behind nice walls made of stone or brick with year round blossoming plant life and subtropical gardens. It’s an approximate 1 hour drive from Mexico City over a toll highway that is excellent.

Cuernavaca is situated in a state rich with natural spas and haciendas, striking scenery and archeological ruins. The chance for side trips that are fascinating are many being in the capital, within just a few hours drive, at most.

Although Morelos is among Mexico’s smallest states (94,950 sq. kms or 1,820 sq. miles), there are distinct differences in the climate due to variability in elevation ranging from 1000 t0 3300 mts (2900-9800 feet).

In the northwestern area of the state, near Cuernavaca into the mountains, tempetures may be significantly lower, both through the day and during the nighttime, than in the southern and southeastern regions around Jojutla and Cuautla.

The rainy season normally extends from June to October. Energizing thunderstorms and substantial rain, while often happening in the evening hours, may surprise you. Carry an umbrella or hat. Daytime are usually bright and warm, together with the temperature increasing in May, just ahead of the rain starts.
Cuernavaca is renown because of its superb Spanish schools and immersion language programs. Many of these schools offer plans as well as cultural activities going for beyond Spanish language classes that are routine.




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