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Children and Family Program

Instituto Chac-Mool provides a Spanish plan that is ideal for children’s and can be taken at any moment of the year, need to have at least  one parent (or perhaps a specified guardian) studying at the school with him or her. The course hours are weekdays 8:50 am to 1:50 pm (just like our other adult programs).

In summer, our Children’s plan becomes a binational and bicultural program we call it The Amiguitos Program. This Program provides a distinctive chance for your children to communicate with local Mexican children who join the program to understand English while your son or daughter is learning Spanish. After day-to-day lessons the children get together for educational and enjoyable activities and to form friendships.

Youngsters learn Spanish through educational, yet entertaining activities. Since many children already have been exposed to Spanish, such as contribution in Dual Concentration programs which have become widely implemented in some portions of the USA, our program here at Instituto Chac-Mool has evolved to meet all those needs. We have accommodated a thematic strategy that provides small group teaching (6-8 children) to all levels. This program makessure that each child is challenged at their own Spanish level, as well as enjoys fascinating, diverse topics, for example ocean life, etc. As element of the learning procedure, the young students may write a story, act in a play, create a colorfull pinata, or they can draw and paint in art class.

For students who are under 4 years old , a superb day care center accepting kids infant to 4 years old is just a quick walk from Instituto Chac-Mool. Make sure you bring your child’s vaccination records and a passport size photo.

Kids may join the weekend ethnic excursion with parental supervision. Plus Instituto Chac-Mool has safe homestay families that welcome families such as yours into their homes.

The Total Immersion Program

The TIP is a tailored program designed to develop conversational fluency in the shortest time possible, meeting the language needs of individuals regardless of their personal, study or professional interest, emphasizing the four skills of language: speaking, listening, reading and writing.

The TIP is recommended for all students with a minimum age of 17 who don’t need special attention in professional or specialized areas.

The Total Immersion Semester Program

The TISP offers a Total Immersion opportunity to those college students who want to cover up to five Spanish and Latin American Studies courses in only twelve weeks in which they will have the opportunity to earn up to 18 semester credits and develop a conversational fluency. Students will be surrounded by a total Spanish speaking environment that will allow them to develop the four skills of language, speaking, listening, reading and writing, in a very short period of time. TISP is open to anyone, from beginner to advanced levels.

Spanish for Bilingual Teachers Seminar

The SBTS program is a two to three week program specially designed to help bilingual educators and future educators to enhance their instructional skills and knowledge of Spanish and culture for the purpose of improving their effectiveness with their Spanish-speaking students and parents. The SBT program is open to anyone who is seeking an opportunity to improve their Spanish language skills as they relate to the profession of teaching. These classes will be taught by native or superior level speaking teachers with experience in the primary and secondary Mexican school system.

The VIP Spanish Program

The important social, economic and cultural development of the majority of Spanish speaking countries, together with their continuing population growth, has led to an important Hispanic presence in non-Hispanic countries. As a result, more and more professionals in such countries need to be able to respond to the various cultural backgrounds of their clients. Conscious of this necessity, UCM offers an exclusive immersion program for CEO’s, executives, business professionals, diplomats and other professionals in general. This program combines the excellence of an academic course with a program uniquely designed for each participant. The flexibility and effectiveness of our program allows our students to advance rapidly in areas specific to professional communication and communication on a daily basis.

One on One Course

This program is specifically designed for those who are looking for individual attention or who need to cover the most in the shortest time possible. The One on One Course is a flexible program that allows students to choose the time, place and intensity of the teaching schedule. Courses can be full lime or flexibly timed, and can start any day of the week.

We can tailor your VIP course according to your particular needs. Here are three suggested options that will help you to find the best one for you.

Option 1: El hours of One on One classes in two sessions from 9:00am to 5:00pm. Each session will be run by a different teacher*.

Option 2: 6 hours of One on One classes in two sessions from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Each session will be run by a different teacher*.

Option 3: 3 hours of intensive private classes taken at your most convenient schedule.

The One on One course is interactive and task-based, using case studies, role-plays, formal presentations and simulations, everything to be rapidly applied in your workplace.