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Here are a few exceptionally excellent reasons why every American Should Learn Spanish

A growing assortment of companies prefer individuals who can know Spanish easily. A 2013 investigation of business men and high-level supervisors performed by Strategy Business encountered that 97% of respondents “believed language abilities are fairly important for professional success in the company surroundings.”

Keep your mind youthful and healthy

Research workers from the University of Ghent in Belgium discovered that knowing another language such as for instance Spanish postpones dementia symptoms.” Moreover in recent times published a study that added to the rising hints that bilingualism can holdup the beginning of Alzheimer’s and it results in cognitive modesty Become more independent.

Spanish School in Mexico

Bringing culture into the classroom tends to be one of the most pleasant experiences for both teachers and students. Especially, in second language training the possibilities to play with and execute an extensive mixture of artistic expressions and representations are limitless. We recently had at Chac Mool a family of four students- a mom with 3 children- who participated in an extremely interesting and carrying through interactive session dynamics; Mara- 43, Nadia- fourteen, Martin- twelve, and Peter- 9, each one of these speaks German, Portuguese, English and Spanish. Their last class task was to present the Mayan legend of “Ixtab, Xtabay and Xtabentun” (Tuyub Collí, Leovigildo Bernardo, 1993, Edit. Trillas), a picturesque story depicting the customs and beliefs of the folks in the Mayan region.

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